Posted by Darin Blunt on May 16, 2018
Our greeters this morning were Darin Blunt and Becky Brooks.  Darin did double duty today as he also served as scribe.  Athena provided this morning’s invocation. Tom Burke quickly filled the place of one missing Shaun Kelly and led us in the flag salute.  Bill Black led us in a rousing rendition of “Home on The Range.”
  1. FIT FOR ROTARY MOMENT –  President Denise got all of our blood flowing with jumping jacks.
    1. Susan Searey stood in for Bobbie Hake and announced there were no visiting Rotarians.
    2. The only visitor was Jared Collup, sweetie of Becky Brooks.
    3. In April Pres. D. met a Rotarian from Belgium Olivier Glineur: President Denise, spent a couple of hours with Oliver Glineur’s and his whole tour group.  She didn’t quite understand what they were saying but thankfully Belgian Chocolate is an international language.  
    1. One birthday:  Dave Spalinger- May 15
    2. A few Rotary anniversaries:  Sister Judy, 15yrs., 14th; Denise McCombs, 1yr.; May 17 – Harry Bryant, 19 yrs., 19th 
      Sister Judy was not present and Denise McCombs is recovering from foot surgery. Harry Bryant was in attendance and let everyone know that over the past 19 years, he has been in a number of positions (in Rotary). He also said his favorite time in Rotary has been having President Denise serve as President.  He should have been fined for brown-nosing.
    1. Annual Pledges – The invoices out, please send in your pledge prior to the end of Pres. D’s year.
    2. Thousand Flags - Various tasks still available for volunteers and all help is greatly appreciated.
    3. Another service opportunity this Saturday will be held at the Higher Ground Church from 9:30 – 11:30 to put together backpacks full of supplies for schools in the Philippines.
    4. Rotary Board Mtng.  May 17th 7am, Will’s office, 4th Floor PC
    5. May 17th at Dionysus for brews, pizza and fellowship. 6pm.  Please come out.
  5. PROGRAM – Karen Bonano introduced our very own Bill Black who is a civil engineer with AECOM and a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) expert.  Bill has designed over 60 CNG facilities and currently has 8 on his plate.  He indicated that bigger stations with fast fill dispensers to accommodate Class 8 big rigs and fleets of buses were the trend.  Bill showed us lots of pictures of piping, instrumentation panels, and diagrams of stations.  I, however, was still distracted by his earlier comments about bovine flatulence.  My thoughts of the merits in converting cow manure into renewable energy and preventing the harmful methane emanating from the animal’s posterior was shared by others around me.  I was inspired and impressed with questions from the Club which centered around what if we could find a way to capture the nearly 80 gallons of methane that an average cow emits in a day, and turn that gas into useful biofuel? 
I believe Bill should incorporate some of these thought provoking ideas into future designs…...
  1. VOCATIONAL MOMENT –Ed O’Donnell substituted for Teresa Ramos and shared one of his stories as an insurance fraud investigator.  It was a story of love, adultery, mystery, and murder.  In the end, our leading man, Ed, brought the bad guy to justice.
    1. Dennis Scott received encouraging news from his physician and upon hearing this news, he and his wife promptly spent two weeks in Europe.  Dennis brought President Denise her favorite diplomatic treat, Belgian Chocolates.  Dennis is fine free and we are all happy to see him doing what he loves.
    2. Marilee Reagor was happy to share her granddaughter’s news that NASA has granted her $20,000 to study her doctorate.  Congratulations!!
    3. Dan Johnson, fresh from a Caribbean vacation, and sporting a new hair style, brought President Denise a Harley Davidson pin from the Bahamas.
  3. 50/50 & PHP    Adoree Roberson was the lucky recipient of 100 Paul Harris Points.   Athena took matters into her own hands and picked her own ticket for $59.00.  Hmmm………
  4. ADJOURN  7:57am.