Posted by Michelle Cooper on May 23, 2018
BBRC May 23, 2018
1. BELL at 7:00 a.m.
2. INVOCATION: Jackie Maxwell
3. FLAG: Cheryl Scott
4. SONG: Bill Black
                A. Thanks to the greeters: Gerry Starr & Greg Desme
                B. Thank you for being scribe: Michele Cooper
                C. Introduce Visiting Rotarians by name: Michele McClure
                                I.  Oz De Guzman from Twilight; he’s also Rotaract president
                D. Introduce guests of members
                                I. Patrick and Tom (Jackie Maxwell’s guests)
E. April met Rotarian from Belgium Olivier Glineaur: Flag & Chocolates (served chocolate tastings)
6. CELEBRATIONS – This week and next week
                A. Wedding Anniversaries:
                                I. Pat & Robin Paggi:  29 yrs., May 20
                                II. Martha & Frank Samora:  31 yrs., May 22
                                III. Pat & Karen Thompson: 39 yrs., May 26
                                IV. Stephanie & Don Baker: 50 yrs., May 28
                B. Rotary Anniversaries:
                                I. Becky Brooks: 5 yrs. this go round, May 29 (previously served 7 for a total of 12)
                                II. Marlene Heise: 12 yrs., May 31
                C. Birthdays – Sang Happy Birthday
                                I. Pete Leveroni, May 22
                                II. Susan Searey, May 28
                                III. Ken Quarnberg, May 29
7. Program – Karen Bonano introduced Dr. Gonzales
                A. Speaker: Dr. Corey Gonzales, P.H.D., from Walnut Creek CA – 22 years in business
                ..  Topic: Animal Hoarding
I. Discussed his new television series on Animal Planet called Confessions: Animal Hoarding.  He shared the three following stories:
  • Greg – animal hoarder due to a personality disorder that blocked out all of his family and friends. He was also addicted to heroin.
  • Mike – hoarded cats due to suffering from no affection shown from his mother. He put up walls and blocked out his wife.
  • Tom – hoarded snakes. He watched his parents go through a horrible divorce and that caused him to have trust issues and have feelings of disappointment about love.
8. Early dismissal due to a fire drill!!  Luckily, all BBRC members evacuated safely.