Posted by Kathleen Anderson on Jun 13, 2018
Our meeting was called to order by our president Denise at 7:00 a.m.  Our invocation was provided by John Gerard.  Flag salute was offered by Mike Stepanovich and a rousing rendition of “This is My Country” was led by Bill Black.
Our beautiful greeters this week were Cheryl Scott and Sandra Quigley.  Kathy Andersen was coerced into being the scribe for the day.  Our visiting Rotarian, Dr. Richard O’Reilly, an honorary member of Downtown Rotary, was introduced by Mike O’Doherty.  A big welcome back to Denise McCombs and a big hello to Jackie Alexander- our soon to be newest member as of next week.  We stretched our minds with our Fit for Rotary moment with a Rotary word scramble.
Queen Jackie regaled us with a quick overview of her job with the citrus nursery.  They are the largest citrus seed producer in the world with 40 varieties of root stock.  They supply seed to other nurseries, researchers, educational institutions and another entity which shall remain unnamed.
Karen Bonano read an article regarding donations to little free libraries:  take a book-leave a book.  Rotary would love to see one in every park.
Two weeks ago, Ed O’Donnell and Bree Goodmon attended.  Bree’s take away from the conference was:  allowing Rotary members to pay with their time and not only their money.  This might help those still young in their careers to be able to afford to join.  Ed’s take away from the conference was was:  Interact – Rotaract – Rotary.  We want these kids to stay in the Rotary family when they leave school so we can continue to grow as an organization.
Mike O’Doherty introduced us to MOAA -Military Officers Association of America and the Memorial Grove at CSUB – who knew we had one?  The Bakersfield chapter was started by Cmdr. Raleigh Moore, a 22-year veteran with the US Navy.  TROA began as an organization 90 years ago.  Its purpose was to support all veterans, their families, and those still on active duty.  In 2002, its name was changed to MOAA to include more active duty personnel.  The Bakersfield chapter was formed in 1978. 
The Memorial Grove began in 1986.  Its purpose is to recognize vets and their service to our country.  In 1989, 21 coastal redwoods were planted.  Realizing that coastal redwoods wouldn’t thrive here in Bakersfield, bay laurels were planted.  Currently, both are in the process of being removed because of failure to adapt to the Bakersfield climate.
Our next speaker was Jaime Pacheco, the veteran coordinator with CSUB.  Her job is to help vet students transition to civilian life and achieve academic success.  The club offers various resources available to both veterans and their families.
Ray Perez was our third speaker.  He is the Road Warrior veterans club president and served with the US Army.  He shared the club’s objective is to strengthen the partnership between the organization and our community.  He was followed by Dave Watts, a 49-year old student veteran.  His goal with the club is to help it become more active with the Bakersfield community.  Lastly, Ulysses Rodriguez presented Denise with a CSUB pennant and shirt.
Mike O’Doherty concluded the program by admitting he would volunteer to be the international service director on the provision our club becomes involved with this Memorial Grove.  The Grove is located behind the library and to the right.  Just look for a bunch of dying trees.  The veteran’s center is centrally located on campus around the corner from the financial office.
Denise added that this veteran’s group was instrumental in helping with the unloading and loading of all the flag equipment for our Memorial Day 1,000 flags event.
  1.  Marilee was $10.00 happy for her biker vacation through Oregon and Washington.  She presented Denise with a frog and a shot glass.
  2. Leslie VoVilla was $20.00 happy for the Emmy award her son Ryan received.
  1.  Sadly, Sandy Magley announced she is moving to Columbia, S.C. the 2nd week of July.  However, she has already discovered the whereabouts of a Breakfast Rotary club there.
  2. Dale Bender gave an update on Howie and Karen Wass.
  3. Neil Walker commented to the veterans of our program that he joined the veterans club when he was at college and it was one of the best experiences of his college days.
  4. Denise said May satisfactory results are on the tables.  Nineteen members responded.  She also said we would be making a donation to Rotary International in the Road Warriors club’s name.
  5. Don’t forget about Denise’s final fling next week!
  6. Ron Nelms has volunteered to do the survey for the Memorial Grove.
50/50 and PHP:
Today’s winner was Marilee Reagor.  She went home $65.00 richer.  A goodie bag from Children’s Hospital went to Leslie VoVilla and 100 PHP went to Mike Stepanovich.